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A podcast devoted to the proper care and upkeep of tarantulas and other inverts. After keeping a G. porteri for over 16 years, I decided that I wanted to add another tarantula to my collection. Several years later, I now keep over 200 specimens and 100+ different species. It’s safe to say that I am now completely addicted to the hobby. I’m NOT an expert, and I’m currently still learning about keeping these fascinating creatures. In fact, there are so many species, that I suspect that I’ll still be learning years from now. A teacher by trade, I enjoy passing along what I’ve information and techniques I’ve discovered and helping others in their successful pursuit of this hobby. I enjoy hearing from folks, whether through comments on the podcast or email.I have done and continue to do a lot of research, and I will only be discussing animals I personally keep, so the information I present will be current and accurate. However, this is an ever-evolving hobby, so I implore anyone interested in keeping these animals to use whatever they find here as a springboard for further research on techniques or species-specific care.

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on 9/27/2022

He might not agree but this is the main man for Tarantula advice his YouTube videos are superb and extremely informative but his first love is his podcasts and it shows he has more time to explain, comment and teach. If you are new to the hobby this is the Jedi temple of knowledge I can't recommend this podcast highly enough and even if you have been in the hobby for some time there is always something to learn so learn it from the Yoda of the tarantula hobby. This is the 5*, A+, head of the Jedi council, headliner at Monsters of Rock podcast for Tarantula hobbyists

on 8/4/2022

Really enjoy having a tarantula podcast to listen to. I especially loved the one with your wife and the one with Luis. I hope you’ll have more guests but I enjoy every episode 😊
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on 7/17/2022

Up to date, easily digestible information on the tarantula hobby. I also enjoy hearing Tom’s perspective. A couple more guests would be nice, but not necessary.
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