Show Notes

...or, my creative way of trying to answer a bunch of common questions in an entertaining year-in-review format!

Seriously, while trying to figure out a fun way to answer some of the questions I get about my favorite, or largest, or shyest, or WHATEVER tarantulas, I came up with the idea of a fake award show! Hopefully, folks find this entertaining (and not too embarrassing), and it becomes an annual tradition. Awards to be given are:

  1. Tiny Diamond Award (Most Gorgeous Slings)
  2. The Queen Memorial Award for Pet Rock of the Year
  3. Webber of the Year (To the Spider with the Most Webbing)
  4. Pet Dirt Award for The Most Shy and Elusive Spider
  5. The “Better Put Me in Your Will” Award for Slowest Growing Spider
  6. Enclosure of the Year Award
  7. Biggest Surprise of the Year
  8. In Memoriam - The Spiders We Lost This Year
  9. The Pitbull Award for Most Aggressive Spider
  10. The “Hey, Wait…That’s Not a Tarantula” Award for Favorite Non-Spider Critter
  11. The Tarantula Titan Award for Largest Spider
  12. Eight-Legged Jewel Award (Most Beautiful Spider)
  13. Spider of the Year

Feel free to share your own!

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